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070 GH 294 H763701C 070-A-(209)A GLOBE-LORDSBURG HIGHWAY (US 70) (BYLAS)
SouthEast DistrictItem # 26714
Engineering Specialist: Patton Samuel James
Pre-Qualification: YES
Bid Opening: 8/11/2017 11:00:00 AM


The proposed work is located in Graham County on US Highway 70, within the community of Bylas Arizona. The project is located within the boundaries of the San Carlos Apache Reservation, beginning at milepost 293.39 and continuing east to milepost 297.58. The proposed work includes a 6-foot wide asphalt pathway, a historical marker, roadway lighting, roadway widening, added left and right turn lanes, new raised median, outside curb and gutter, combined access drives, concrete sidewalk, roadway drainage. Work includes extending four box culverts, constructing a new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon signaled pedestrian roadway crossing, upgraded railroad crossings, a new railroad crossing, signing and pavement marking, and seeding and other miscellaneous work.
Proposal Pamphlet Contact Numbers Date
115 S. 48TH STREET
TEMPE, AZ 85281
Tel: (480) 784-2910
Fax: (480) 968-7580
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