Project Detail

095 YU 035 F035901C 095-B-(214)T SAN LUIS - YUMA QUARTZSITE (US 95) (Rifle Range Road to Wellton-Mo)
SouthWest DistrictItem # 10279
Engineering Specialist: Rene Teran
Pre-Qualification: YES
Bid Opening: 8/19/2022 11:00:00 AM

Capacity Additions (Major Widening)

The proposed project is located in Yuma County on US 95, starting at Milepost 35.2 and extending north to Milepost 38.7. The proposed work consists of reconstructing and widening the existing two-lane roadway into a five-lane roadway. The proposed work also consists of removing the existing three-span bridge over the Wellton-Mohawk Canal and constructing a new single-span bridge over the Wellton Mohawk Canal. The work includes: roadway excavation, constructing embankment, grading Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert (RCBC) extensions, new RCBCs, drainage improvements, asphaltic concrete pavement and Asphaltic Concrete Friction Course (ACFC) overlay, pavement marking, signing and other related work.
Plans Cost
Bid Set$1.00
Spec SetN/A
Earth WorkN/A
Cross SectionN/A

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