Project Detail

101 MA 017 F031601C 101-A-(214)T AGUA FRIA HIGHWAY (SR 101L) (SR 101 75th Ave to I-17)
Central DistrictItem # 8894
Engineering Specialist: Rene Teran
Pre-Qualification: YES
Bid Opening: 6/21/2024 11:00:00 AM

Capacity Additions (Major Widening)

The proposed project is located in Maricopa County within the cities of Phoenix and Glendale from 75th Avenue to I-17 between SR 101L Milepost 16.53 and Milepost 25.10, and between I-17 Milepost 214.93 and Milepost 217.28. The work consists of widening the existing SR 101L freeway to add general purpose lanes and restriping I-17/SR 101L Ramp WN and widening NB I-17 to add an additional travel lane. The work includes removing existing pavement, asphalt friction course, roadway edge treatments, and walls required to construct new roadway widening. Roadway widening work includes excavation, embankment, concrete and asphaltic concrete paving, concrete bridge widening, retaining walls, sound walls, storm drain, catch basins, a reinforced concrete box culvert extension, landscaping, erosion control, pavement markings, signing, traffic signals, lighting, FMS, and other related work.
Plans Cost
Bid Set$1.00
Spec SetN/A
Earth WorkN/A
Cross SectionN/A

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